December 12, 2012

Unique Perspective

I've been busy lately but all what's in my mind is photography! Pretending that my eyes are my viewfinder and looking for things to shoot with my bare eyes I also focus on the TV Shows and try to figure out what settings they were using... I get inspired this way to think of different perspectives and make a plan of the things I want to shoot!

birthday cake and blackberry
We had a little surprise birthday party for a cousin, it was great! I took  the traditional cake photo but wasn't happy with it. Everyone else was taking instgram photos at the same time so I tried to quickly capture one of the instgrams and got this beautiful photo. It's not just a cake, it gives an essence and feel of the time (instgram and smartphones) and the event!

It is really fun to look for different perspectives and the outcome - beautiful and unique photos - is worth it!

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