December 26, 2012

Finding my workflow

Hmmm.. that seems very overwhelming!! I use to think that shooting straight out of camera and jpegs are sufficient.. well, they're not :( Not that I'm bad at the softwares, just the fact of spending so many hours on the laptop after work is not what I want to be doing...

I finally got over the overwhelming idea.. lol! The final photos I get when shooting raw and taking the time to edit are really worth it!

I started to work with lightroom 4 which is fantastic and super-fast! I love it so much; non-destructive editing! I then thought why not try to be a bit destructive x_x I got PSE11 again because it's easier than the complete photoshop and easier to learn.

Now that I'm learning a bit faster than I thought I would I feel a bit limited with PSE but I'm still sticking to it :) I don't feel that its urgent to upgrade to photoshop, I really love PSE its so user friendly and I get to choose if I want to lazy or Nerdy lol! It gives the quick, guided and expert options.

I'm depending more on PSE but still go back to lightroom :)

So.... lots of chit chats! My workflow in steps:
1. Upload the photos in PSE Organizer.
2. If I did a lot of shooting I'll rate the photos that I like (1).
3. Correct exposure using ACR and rate the ones I love more (2).
4. Further editing for the photos rated 2 in PSE (spot healing, sharpening, resizing and recently matte look)
5. Export as jpegs.
6. Share here!

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