May 27, 2014

Ahmed is FIVE!

A couple of weeks ago my sweetest love Ahmed turned five. It was really exciting and emotional for me; amazingly the years flew fast and my baby is quickly growing into a gentleman - a naughty one! 

I celebrated my five years of motherhood by jamming my instagram feed with the photos following from the past five years, lots of them was too difficult to choose and I expressed my unlimited and unconditional love to him so honestly <3

He celebrated his birthday at school with his friends and a superhero cake that he allowed me to photograph before he went to school - this was my present as he no longer allows me to photograph him.

He keeps surprising me of how intelligent he is yet so caring about me and his loved ones. I always feel so bad to ground him when being naughty and he knows how to make a deal to get what he wants - negotiator!

We wrapped the day of me showing him his photos and all the lovely birthday wishes he got. I also explained to him how photographs record our beautiful memories - I hope that makes an impact!

November 3, 2013

Fashion Photography

I had an amazing opportunity to shoot for a local fashion designer - Daziaa. I enjoyed doing something different (much easier than kids) and building my portfolio.

Thanks to the great model who new what she should do; that really helped!

I was really exhausted that I spent 5 hours shooting and would have continued to if my 16GB wasn't full. Even though I was tired I couldn't wait to reach home and rush in the editing process to handover the entire shoot in two days.

I hope you love the photos as much as I did :)

September 3, 2013

Motion Blur

8/12... We are getting to there! This month's CM Blog circles was motion blur... Hmmmm I usually try to freeze the moment so sharp!

For motion blur I decided to play with my lensbaby! it works perfect for motion, I had a few shots but preferred this of my cousin.

Please head over to Claire Saidon's Blog for more motion blur!

August 31, 2013

Around Here

I've been away for so long, so many things happening and not a single day that I didn't think about A Spoon of Life!

Lots of photos taken, lots of online photography learning and workshops taken, and lots of work accomplished!

I can't believe that there is no peak of our new home over here! there are still some messy areas but its only a few hours work if only there were a few extra hours over the 24 hours in my day. I've been dreaming about those extra few hours those days! working day and night on something that I'm revealing here today!! YAAY!

Yes!! Did you notice the last watermark?! I'm starting my Portrait Photography Business!! After a very long thought and a really deep study and lots of hard work!

Have a look at my first and fully developed by myself business website;!

Whats going to happen here? No, I'm not planning to let go of my personal blog! I will still post here!

August 1, 2013

iPhone Photos

This month for the clickinmoms blog circles challenge was to take iPhone photos, I use to take a lot of them but stopped when I started to compare the quality with DSLR. 

I prefer carrying my heavy gear along wherever I go rather than taking iPhone snapshots! 

I think this challenge's timing suited me this month with all the extra load and move packing and unpacking, it was really difficult to hold my camera which is really painful to me not to create a beautiful photo all this period </3

Have a look at my photos then head over to Juanita of Two Point Five Photography for more iPhone photos!

Here my little Osama is having his first happy meal!

and playing around his favorite place in our apartment while I was packing <3

Last is the only sneak peak of our new home!! Awaiting so many adventures and years to live, cherish and photograph <3

July 14, 2013


I turned 27 today, I'm not sure how this feels?! Especially with all the drama in my life lately!! I think I'm doing very well in life - I'm happy with what I've got <3

I'm not happy that my life drama is not giving me time for my blog and my daily shooting </3 my birthday had to be on the blog (I love my birthday so much!)

27 reasons my life is lovely:

  1. Proud of my family and proud to be mom of two.
  2. Thankful to be healthy and for my family's health as well
  3. Thankful to have both my parents in my life <3
  4. Satisfied with where I'm standing in my career.
  5. There is a plan for the future!
  6. Photography skills improved drastically last year!
  7. one of my childhood's dream was to be a writer - I'm writing a blog now :)
  8. Love my Brothers and Sisters SO.MUCH!
  9. Love my Cousins <3<3<3
  10. Both my boys care for me a lot!!
  11. I have a lovely niece that calls me Sara!
  12. I've been trying more healthy food!
  13. I have everything that I wish for!
  14. My friends are AMAZING even if we don't meet a lot!
  15. My Boss is the kind of person that will push you to be better!
  16. I've been reading a lot this year.
  17. I've been thinking outside the box!
  18. My biological watch finally agreed to let me get up early every morning!!
  19. I can see that I'm making a difference in both my personal life and my career.
  20. I'm sitting in front of the camera with my family <3
  21. My in-laws are really nice <3
  22. I'm a more focused person.
  23. My self confidence has boosted higher and higher.
  24. I have nice displays of my family's adventures on my walls!
  25. I'm controlling the clutter in my place.
  26. Most of my goals for this year has been accomplished!
  27. We're finally moving to our home!

June 30, 2013

Shallow Depth of Field

CM monthly blog circles again! I'm proud of myself getting hold of my photography challenges; getting a long on the blog circles and the P52.

This month was shallow depth of field; something that I love and shoot everyday! I love to shoot wide open <3

In the first photo Ahmed was having sausage.

Here he was having a happy meal; Osama was dying to get that Coke </3

Please head over to Karen's blog and complete the circle for more shallow depth of field inspiration!