April 30, 2013

Shooting Through Glass

This Month's CM blog circle's challenge was shooting through glass. For that I thought of recording the memory of this period of our lives, both my boys are eager to drive!

Ahmed keeps asking me about the functions of the gear, petrol and brake whereas Osama dreams of a moment on my lap before starting the car to EXPLORE!!!

Its crazy how boys are born with the love of cars and balls, So. Sweet!

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April 26, 2013

A Bedtime Story

kids in sleeping on mommy's bed

"Once upon a time.. I had two little boys that insist to sleep on Mommy's bed every single night! I was trying really hard to make them sleep on their beds but it was too difficult on me because all I really wanted is to hug them both tightly and never let go <3

I worry about little Osama falling down while we are all asleep so I take him back to his bed when he's sleeping deeply. Any slight movement would wake him up and he'll just stand and start screaming while he is looking at me... Waiting for me to bring him back on my bed :D

He would hug big brother and try to wake him up so that they could play together in the middle of the night or early every morning."

A story that I will definitely tell my boys when they grow up and hope that I would tell it to their kids too!

kids sleeping on mommy's bed

kids sleeping on mommy's bed

kids sleeping on mommy's bed

kids sleeping on mommy's bed

April 21, 2013

People Change

how people change
I usually update my CV once a year to update experience and training, while I was doing that I went through my objective "To work with an organization, in which I can integrate my education and transferable skills ....." and felt that it's me...... six year ago when I was still at college.

Over the years people change a lot.. Some words and sentences started roaming in my head... my new objective:

"To stand when everyone else is sitting, to run when they are walking, to make a positive change that is visible/ profitable in a healthy and competitive environment, to learn new things and to teach others what I have learnt."

Now this statement is much more like me at this stage of my life; making the most of my time with my wonderful little family, my full time job and practicing my life-long passion and hobby!

April 13, 2013

Mr. 10 Months!

My little baby is growing! He's 10 months and a half :D I'm happy to see he has four teeth and that I could let him taste and eat our food! What makes me even happier is that he can express his feelings un mistakenly. He would be extremely happy when he sees me and races towards me, he would move around to be my attention and he would go to Ahmed and try to play with him.

I love being a mother, it's the happiest feeling ever! I hope they make me happy when they grow up too.

As promised before to share photos of little Osama clapping!


I've been so emotional lately, I feel my heart is exploding and become larger. It is the exact feeling I had when I gave birth to Ahmed, a space that needs to fill up with love.

I'm pretty sure why I'm feeling that way, Ahmed is growing up! He's occupied with his personal interests, playing with my youngest brother and his cousins. Also loving Dad more than Mom :p I feel a bit jealous. Haha!

We sure need to have Mom and Ahmed time to bond more like we use to, thats definately on my priority!

April 10, 2013

April/May Goals

little boy at the beach

I'm loving how writting down my goals is make me really work towards achieving them! I have been a goals and a to do list person my whole life until I got married and Mohamed didn't really like the fact that I was trying to control him with my to do lists for every. single. day. x_x It was badk, I should have just continued my to do lists and goals for my personal stuff!

I'm doing well in my 2013 goals! Much better than I thought I would. Only a few more to achieve and one of them that is really the most important to me is to be more patient with the kids. Ahmed drives me nuts! I try to be so patient but he just wouldn't stop until I yell. I really hate that, I don't like to see myself when I'm angry. sometimes I feel he is delebrately teasing me to piss me off, naughty boy!

I have a few goals that I want to achieve:

1. Plan my weekly work closet every weekend to save some morning time.
2. Choose my kids outfits every night rather than have the housemaid dress them as she like.
3. Plan a personal Mom and Ahmed/Osama time.
4. Count my calories - I started but need to keep going!

April 8, 2013

Spaghetti Idea

I went to visit my cousin last month and she served us this fantastic idea! Spaghetti Cups! So.Easy.
After cooking the pasta and the sauce place the pasta in your cup cake oven plate, add your sauce and mozzarella cheese on top. Put in oven until the cheese melts!

April 1, 2013

Interesting Perspectives!

Time is flying by!! Here is part 3/12 of my CM monthly challenge, the sun in between my hubby's fingers :D It was fun to get this shot! Up, right, down... x_x

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