August 31, 2013

Around Here

I've been away for so long, so many things happening and not a single day that I didn't think about A Spoon of Life!

Lots of photos taken, lots of online photography learning and workshops taken, and lots of work accomplished!

I can't believe that there is no peak of our new home over here! there are still some messy areas but its only a few hours work if only there were a few extra hours over the 24 hours in my day. I've been dreaming about those extra few hours those days! working day and night on something that I'm revealing here today!! YAAY!

Yes!! Did you notice the last watermark?! I'm starting my Portrait Photography Business!! After a very long thought and a really deep study and lots of hard work!

Have a look at my first and fully developed by myself business website;!

Whats going to happen here? No, I'm not planning to let go of my personal blog! I will still post here!

August 1, 2013

iPhone Photos

This month for the clickinmoms blog circles challenge was to take iPhone photos, I use to take a lot of them but stopped when I started to compare the quality with DSLR. 

I prefer carrying my heavy gear along wherever I go rather than taking iPhone snapshots! 

I think this challenge's timing suited me this month with all the extra load and move packing and unpacking, it was really difficult to hold my camera which is really painful to me not to create a beautiful photo all this period </3

Have a look at my photos then head over to Juanita of Two Point Five Photography for more iPhone photos!

Here my little Osama is having his first happy meal!

and playing around his favorite place in our apartment while I was packing <3

Last is the only sneak peak of our new home!! Awaiting so many adventures and years to live, cherish and photograph <3