January 30, 2013

Close up Portraiture

This year is one filled with self challenges and commitments to change and learn! one of the challenges I took is this CM monthly blog circles; A whole month to practice a challenge! I really did go too close every time I took my camera out, and I LOVE it! I felt that its too close that you capture the soul of the your subject; in my case my sweethearts <3

I also practiced low light a lot this month! It has been really fun to look for low light and close up opporotunities (did I spell that right? this word keeps challenging me!)

Hope you liked 'em! Now head on to my friend Juanita's blog from Two Point Five Photography and see how she took the challenge!

January 29, 2013

Pending List

Dior Sunglasses
Hey! I'm typing a list of things that I've been wanting to photograph and still haven't... I'm sure they will be done once documented :D

1. Myself - Yeah, why take photos of everyone but myself?!
2. Regular Family Portraits - Nothing more beautiful than Mom, Dad and the kids all together <3
3. The landscape view Daddy told me he loves when I was 13 <3
4. More and more of the kids! Can't wait for Osama's 1st Steps!
5. Out of focus photography.
6. Newborn photos!
7. Osama's 1st Birthday <3<3

January 23, 2013

Editing Fun!

Rad Lab


Rad Lab

Dior Sunglasses

I use to think that photo editing is a sin! Now I think of it as processing the film; editing doesn't have to dramatically change the photo. Minor touches and leveling the colors to make the photo more attractive is what I like to do.

Experimenting with Rad Lab on the first three photos and just minor color correction on the last!  

January 18, 2013

Musakhan Rolls

musakhan recipe

Hey, Today I'm sharing a delicious and easy to make yummy meal! My mom is known to make one of the really best original musakhan, a Palestinian dish! I tried to make something out of her original recipe and my style of cooking.

January 3, 2013

Lasagna Stacks

Bolognese Lasagna

Practice Makes Perfect

My Photography

Hey!! Two of my 2013 Goals: improve my photography and processing skills! Last year I started the manual journey and this year I'm taking it further.. For two goals I joined two CM challenges: Blog Circles and Project 52.

Blog Circles is a monthly challenge that I will be sharing on the blog every 2nd day of the month starting from February; so I have a challenge to practice all month and then share! 

Project 52 is a weekly challenge; every week has a theme. This week is New Year!

Other than the two challenges I'm planning to try and get myself in the frame with my family <3