June 30, 2013

Shallow Depth of Field

CM monthly blog circles again! I'm proud of myself getting hold of my photography challenges; getting a long on the blog circles and the P52.

This month was shallow depth of field; something that I love and shoot everyday! I love to shoot wide open <3

In the first photo Ahmed was having sausage.

Here he was having a happy meal; Osama was dying to get that Coke </3

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June 20, 2013

Lifestyle Photography with Kids

Last two weeks were the craziest weeks in my entire life!

So much DRAMA!


So much ILLNESS :(

I missed blogging so much too, and I missed having so much time to play with my camera </3

I have been waiting for so long to take this workshop that I'm in the middle of right now; Lifestyle Photography with Kids and when I finally take it so many things happen in my life!

I was in Dubai for a week to attend a course in shopping center management, it was really great and comprehensive :D

My Housemaid decided she doesn't want to work and I have to be a superhero at work and home!

My boys were ill when we got back from dubai and I had an eye infection, two days later Ahmed bumped his nose and I got a really high fever.

Some Lifestyle photos of my little boys for my week 2 Homework :)

June 4, 2013

A Day Through Lensbaby

Lensbaby! A dream come true! I've been in doubt, on and off for So.Long. Finally decided that its something I should try and got the composer pro with sweet 35 optic and a macro kit that I still haven't touched.

It was a long wait to make a decision and a long wait to receive it as well. What annoyed me is that there where no shipment tracking online.

I'm loving it so much so far and thinking that it should be the lens on my camera for a while!

June 2, 2013

Beautiful Ugly

Here is part 6/12 of my Clickin Moms blog circle.. This month was a tough one, maybe because I thought it would be the hardest from the beginning of the year....

Beautiful ugly... What could it be?? my first thought of something that I feel its beautiful though its not is the decay in my son's teeth but I couldn't do it! I couldn't put his photo and say beautiful ugly because he is the most adorable thing to me <3

So.. I finally thought it would be my TV table.. When we were shopping for our flat 5 years ago I was looking for something that could hold So.Many. books, I love reading and I was still doing my final year of Engineering at that time. I have a habit to keep all my books, magazine, notebooks... etc. throwing anything breaks my heart!

Living in an apartment made me throw so many books and magazines that I never thought I would. The good thing is that I still have A LOT :)

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