November 30, 2012

Osama is half a year old!

On the 29th of November I celebrated his first six months... Half a year passed so quickly! He is still not crawling! I'm always looking forward for the crawling then the walking, can't wait!

Seeing my two darlings grow is the best gift in life.. The dose of love they give is that magic portion we see in fairy tales. I love them both so much it is hard to pick a special <3

Six Months!

A Day at the BEACH :D

Actually 2 days! Fresh air, cool water, good food and happy kids <3 both the days were beautiful, cool weather and awesome company! The only thing is that little Osama got cold and he had a bad fever on the first night so I was so cautious on the second day (fully covered baby)!
I have taken so many beautiful photos but I haven't taken the parents approval to post.
Ahmed at the beach

November 24, 2012

Ahmed's National Day Celebrations

Celebrations for our 42nd National Day 18th of November still going on! Ahmed's school had a party today; the kids were dressed in traditional clothing and we were asked to share by providing the school with an  Omani dish (I had that in mind but forgot to :( ) 

Ahmed was really excited! He didn't trouble me in the morning as he always does. We took so many pictures before and after school which Ahmed didn't feel like!

Let's go!

This was overexposed but I really loved it so... B&W

After School with a flag on his face!
 Osama glad that I'm back <3
Caring for little brother <3
So excited for the long weekend coming up! I'm planing for something cool and exciting that I will sure share with you later!

Anything exciting for  the Holiday?! How do you spend a long weekend?

Take Care!!

November 17, 2012

November 10, 2012

Playground Photos

Hey! I took Ahmed to the playground yesterday.. It was so much fun watching him enjoy and develop his muscles learning to be a better climber :)

Crafty week :)

Hey! it has been a crafty week... Mr. Owl made me remember my childhood and love of crafts so.. I did a few projects this week..

November 8, 2012

Osama's First Road Trip!

Hey! I'm sharing my first trip as a mother of two! A very beautiful memory <3 Osama was just turning 40 days and I wanted to do something and enjoy before Ramadhan and before I go back to work!

November 1, 2012

Boat Trip :D

Hey!! As part of Eid Activities we decided to have a BIG family boat trip for a change! it was so much fun (special thanks for the organizers).

My Ahmed was so happy <3 he kept staring at the sea the whole time and little Osama was sleeping most of the time..