December 12, 2012

My Photography Story

Nikon point & shoot
The Start - I was four or five years old (can't remember!) my family use to take so.many. photos back in the film era. We have lots of albums and lots of beautiful memories <3... back to my story, we (my Parents, Grandma and Sister) were being photographed and a conversation started. Me: I want to take that photo! Give me the Camera (nagging). Dad: You don't know how to take a good photo. Me: I know! .... and it goes on! So I got to shoot for the first time. I couldn't wait for that film to be developed and see that photo. I finally got to see it, Guess what! It was diagonal and I cropped my Grandma's head x_x Make another Guess..... We still have the photo at my parents place!

I made a decision the moment I saw that photo - I will practice and take the most beautiful photos ever!

Well.. I practiced. I took so many photos of my family. I never cropped a head again!

I bought my first camera when I was 14 from my own savings. It was a Nikon point and shoot film, I really loved it. I had it for so long until it got broken (I didn't break it).

I then got  the first version of mini instax cameras! that was so much fun and challenging too.

I took so many phone photos when that era started and got my first digital camera just before I tied the knot! It was a Nikon point and shoot. I had it for so long.

In 2011 one of my cousins showed up with a professional camera and took so many beautiful photos. When I saw the photos he took I saw the big difference in art between a DSLR and a point and shoot camera. It was then that I decided to take my hobby to the next level.

I got a semi DSLR camera - fixed lens with manual capabilities. Read online articles and went auto by trial and error! it was really fun!

In 2012 I stumbled upon a bella pop, I enjoyed online photography classes in my maternity leave and got the Canon EOS 60D a few months later... Long Story, but it just the beginning to a new story filled with so many precious moments in my life captured professionally by myself!
Mobile Camera
Nikon point & shoot

Nikon point & shoot
Sony DSC-HX1 Auto Mode
Sony DSC-HX1 Auto Mode

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