December 5, 2012

Improve your Photography

The past two years I decided to make my lifetime hobby to the next level - I decided to finally shoot manual and to since then I've been racing myself to keep upgrading my skill. It's really wonderful when you are so passionate about something to spend more time practicing and improving.

Seeing the difference in your final image is really rewarding and it would make you proud of yourself!

Here is a list of the things I did/ am doing to improve:

1. Read so many websites and books - Learn the settings by trial and error.
2. Take a photography class/ workshop (I have taken so many!).
3. Share.Discuss.Inspire. I'm lucky that my husband and sister Shurooq are passionate about photography too!
4. Join a photography forum - I'm obsessed with Clickin Moms.
5. Shoot hundred of photos everyday - The best shot is the last one (can't remember where I read it)
6. Follow photographers on social media, read their blogs and the links they post.
7. Try something new every now and then - So much fun!
8. Challenge yourself.
9. Make a photography commitment - like my blog!
10. Love what you're doing!

It has been really exciting and wonderful..... It's going on!

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