November 8, 2012

Osama's First Road Trip!

Hey! I'm sharing my first trip as a mother of two! A very beautiful memory <3 Osama was just turning 40 days and I wanted to do something and enjoy before Ramadhan and before I go back to work!

We had a good time! The only problem was that  baby CRIED whenever the car stopped x_x I had to sit in the back seat most of the time!

There are things that are never to forget in this trip... like Ahmed and Daddy enjoying Ski Dubai while I babysit Osama!

A delicious Caramel ice cream from a cart at the best toy shop :)

Most Important was meeting Mr. Nightmare and Ahmed wouldn't let us stay at the rainforest restaurant!

And Baby getting fed up! I had to buy a baby carrier to bring him closer to me <3

Looking forward for another trip!!

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