November 30, 2012

A Day at the BEACH :D

Actually 2 days! Fresh air, cool water, good food and happy kids <3 both the days were beautiful, cool weather and awesome company! The only thing is that little Osama got cold and he had a bad fever on the first night so I was so cautious on the second day (fully covered baby)!
I have taken so many beautiful photos but I haven't taken the parents approval to post.
Ahmed at the beach

Digging for the lost treasure!
Brother <3 
Catch of the day!
Introducing Osama to sand!
I thought it would be nice to introduce Osama to the sand! Avoiding what happened to Ahmed x_x he was scared of sand and grass! Mom kept saying that I should pick him up and blaming me for the sand he was eating ( I love you mama <3)... I wanted him to try something new and get more immune :)

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