November 15, 2012

BBQ Chicken!

1. Chicken cut in halves.
2. One cup of Yogurt.
3. Spices (as you like) I mixed Omani Spice mix with 2 spoons of Turmeric, black pepper and Cardamon.
4. Dry Herbs
5. Veggies, Carrots, potatos, tomatos, Onions
6. Garlic.

1. Preheat the oven to 220 degrees.
2. Mix the yogurt with all the spices and herbs.
3. Soak the chicken with the spices mixture. The more you soak it the more tasty it is!
4. Cut the vegetables, I filled the potato with herbs where I sliced.
5. Leave it in the oven to cook for an hour.
6. For a BBQ effect put a some coal with a little cooking oil in a bowl and put it in the oven in the last 15 minutes.

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