November 16, 2012


My Valuable Readers,


I have reached 1000+ page views  in two months! I'm really happy, good for a start :) Without you I've never reached that number and average of 600 views/month.

Thank you for being part of my journey from the start! I love you so much!

To celebrate I'm sharing a list of your favorite posts and a list of my favorite... Yay!!

I'll start with yours:

1. The most popular post surprisingly is Ouch! Osama's Vaccine!
2. Second is 4 Simple Goals (one of my favorites as well).
3. Posing for a chocolate bar!
4. We love Trucks!
5. If I go on you will not get my favorites!

How can I choose favorites when everything on my blog has been typed with love! I love every single post and photo in this blog, its a dream come true! after all the long research and working hard for making a good start, then taking an e-course from one of my favorite bloggers and more research and brainstorming after that!

My list :)

1. I love my BNBs <3
2. My Happy List!
3. Brunching with Ahmed
4. Sleeping Kids + a Flower = Photoshoot
5. Painting with light
6. Relaxing Green
7. Seven is my favorite number and if I don't stop now I will link all my 40 posts on this post!

Thanks again for being part of my sharing the love of photography journey start <3

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