March 6, 2013

Osama Growing

It's amazing how time pass so quickly! It feels just like yesterday when I did my first indoor natural light studio set up for Osama in celebration of his 6th month.

He is 9 months now with two little teeth on his lower jaw and more to come on his upper.. I've been taking so much less photos of him with all the teething fever and the unstableness, that really breaks my heart </3 I feel sad when I don't keep so many memories of him. I really hope to be able to take more and more photos of him now that he is growing up..

Some of the things I miss about baby Osama is his spiky hair! I really love that and never tried all the older women advises to get rid of the spikes. I actually don't understand why someone wouldn't like spiky hair.. Its Just.So.Lovely.

I'm really looking forward to sharing his photos clapping (he already does) and his first steps!

Have a good time!

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