March 9, 2013

B & A Soup with Lamb Strips

B & A??! Yeah.. Thats a shorter and more attractive name for Broccoli and Asparagus Soup with Lamb Strips!

I have a little story about Broccoli. I used to hate it. Well, three years ago I forced myself to eat it to pretend that I wasn't picky and I.Fell.In.Love! :s

I'm trying to eat more healthy so I got the idea of broccoli and asparagus for a change than our regular just broccoli soup :D


1. One Broccoli.
2. Four sicks of Asparagus.
3. 200 grams of lamb.
4. One Onion.
5. Four cloves of Garlic.
6. Your choice of spices. I used Meat Spice Mix and Lemon and Black Pepper Mix.
7. Salt. If you're using a spice mix make sure it doesn't contain salt.


1. Start by Adding the Spices to the meat. Make a Lamb Soup; in a deep sauce pan put about two spoons of cooking oil then add the Onions. When golden add the meat and garlic. Then add water (minimum 8 cups).

2. Use the Soup water to cook the broccoli and asparagus.

3. Use a blender to...Blend! I love my Multiquick!

4. Add the meat strips and let it cook for about five to ten minutes.

5. If you think its too thick then add water!

1 comment:

  1. i think it's a good idea to blend the veggies.. coz i hate chewing broccoli :P