March 11, 2013

At the Beach - Part 1

Like any kid, Ahmed is a big fan of the beach :) Going to the beach is a fun activity for the kids and the mommy <3

I promised Ahmed at night that if he got up early we'll go the beach.. Well, he didn't as usual! I couldn't break his heart when he remembered, so I said:"Afternoon it is!" and he couldn't wait of course! Oh I LOVE this boy <3

At the beach Ahmed:
1. Makes sure that there aren't any fish that would bite him.
2. Throws sand far away, at mom and dad as well!
3. Jumps over the waves just like Mom did when she was at his age!
4. Splash some water!

So many things abut Ahmed remind me of myself <3

Stay tuned to see how Osama enjoyed at the beach in the second part of this photo share :)

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