March 23, 2013

Favorite Yummies

I'm a bit picky with food but when I like something, I really eat a lot! If you ask anyone who knows me what my favorite food is the will blindly say:(#1)! Yeah. Whenever we go out my choice would be something or #1 and I'll end up ordering #1. It's a childhood thing :p

1. Spaghetti Bolognese - I really do go to lala world when I eat it!
2. Strawberry Tart - it's a childhood thing as well!
3. Steak. I'm starting to think it's something to do with the letter 'S'.
4.  Brocolli Soup.
5. Anything beef/lamb - I'm a meat eater x_x
6. Lunch at my parents' - what ever it was it's absolutely a favorite!
7. Coffee!

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