March 12, 2013

Osama at the Beach - Part 2

Today's Share is a BIG one! Its the first time I get so.many. photos I love of Osama in a single day! It was really hard to pick!

If you haven't seen Part 1 it was all about Ahmed.

I was in doubt whether I should take Osama or leave him at home. I'm the kind of mom that loves to take her kids out all the time, I feel really sad if my kids didn't go out for a few days and could bring home a happy meal everyday!

At the beach Osama:
1. Explores the sand and shells.
2. Eat sand, some people blame me but I believe he gets more immune :)
3. Splash lots of water!
4. Enjoys and is fascinated by the beauty of nature and how big the world is!

One more part is coming soon!

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