October 24, 2012

Mohamed's Favorite Chicken Sandwich

Today I'll share Mohamed's favorite (mine too!) chicken sandwich, we usually use ciabatta  bread but I it wasn't available at the market that day :( Buns did well too!

You'll need: boneless skinless chicken breasts, onions, garlic, capsicum, your favorites spices ( I use my favorite ready made and add some black pepper and cardamon), some extra market flavors (sauce) :)

I'm an instinct person, I don't follow exact measurements! like to explore :)

so I used about a 1 kg of chicken, 2 onions, 4 garlic cloves, one spoonful of spices and the extra flavors!

First is heat the pan with a tiny bit of oil - first addition will be the onions, followed by chicken, garlic and spices!

More flavors :) I love to add different kinds of Nando's sauce to my food. This time's pick was a nando's and a garlic and ginger sauce.

Fill in buns and this time I tried to add some mozzarella cheese before toasting... It was great!!

Then its..... READY TO EAT!! Yum yum!

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