October 30, 2012

Holliday/Weekend List

Long Eid Holliday! Feels great after a very busy season :) Here is what I love to accomplish every weekend/holliday :

1. I'm always in a hurry; I love to sit and enjoy breakfast when I'm off!
2. Love to care and be with my kids <3 Hugs and kisses to the sweetest boys, a diaper change for Osama or forcing Ahmed to shampoo makes me so happy.
3. Its essential to monitor the cleaning process and have the place completely clean for a new week :)
4. Visit my in-laws and attend the weekly family gathering at my grandma's :)
5. A scrambled egg, sandwich or a main course!
6. Fill up my memory cards or exhaust my camera battery!
7. Get enough sleep to cover up for the previous week and recharge for the coming!! 

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