October 19, 2012

Mission Shaun the Sheep!

He has a school project or mommy has a school project? He was sleepy so.....
I had time to do things I like in the name of Ahmed! I didn't do something in a very long time... I wanted to put pins as the sheep's eyes but Mohamed told me its better to use safe material (kids).
I might be making a more beautiful one soon.... Ahmed didn't like the fact that the teacher kept his Shaun the Sheep at school!

We used scrap paper, cotton, cotton buds, white glue and double tape (not in the pic).

We glued the paper together into two parts (one smaller for the head), place the cotton buds as the sheeps legs, wrapped with tissue

Then opened up our cotton to make it look like sheep hair and placed it on the sheep :)

The result was the little sheep on the top :)

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