August 1, 2013

iPhone Photos

This month for the clickinmoms blog circles challenge was to take iPhone photos, I use to take a lot of them but stopped when I started to compare the quality with DSLR. 

I prefer carrying my heavy gear along wherever I go rather than taking iPhone snapshots! 

I think this challenge's timing suited me this month with all the extra load and move packing and unpacking, it was really difficult to hold my camera which is really painful to me not to create a beautiful photo all this period </3

Have a look at my photos then head over to Juanita of Two Point Five Photography for more iPhone photos!

Here my little Osama is having his first happy meal!

and playing around his favorite place in our apartment while I was packing <3

Last is the only sneak peak of our new home!! Awaiting so many adventures and years to live, cherish and photograph <3


  1. These are great images! I must admit that I agree with you and would much rather carry around and use my dSLR than my iPhone. . . . It was a good exercise to try it out, though! :)

  2. great new home! and great job, i know it was tough for you!

  3. cute photos! My two year old won't eat anything except chips from McD's so he's yet to have a happy meal - we let him pinch our chips haha. iPhone photos are fine, until you own a DSLR and realise there is a BIG difference LOL

  4. I'm looking at this with my son and he says,"Oh there's a Happy Meal". Hehe...we've had just a few of those around here. Did he love it? And congratulations on the new place!

  5. These pictures are great! Your little one is just too cute!

  6. These are great photos! Your little one is so sweet!

  7. Thanks for sharing these - your son is so adorable! Love that curly hair!