July 14, 2013


I turned 27 today, I'm not sure how this feels?! Especially with all the drama in my life lately!! I think I'm doing very well in life - I'm happy with what I've got <3

I'm not happy that my life drama is not giving me time for my blog and my daily shooting </3 my birthday had to be on the blog (I love my birthday so much!)

27 reasons my life is lovely:

  1. Proud of my family and proud to be mom of two.
  2. Thankful to be healthy and for my family's health as well
  3. Thankful to have both my parents in my life <3
  4. Satisfied with where I'm standing in my career.
  5. There is a plan for the future!
  6. Photography skills improved drastically last year!
  7. one of my childhood's dream was to be a writer - I'm writing a blog now :)
  8. Love my Brothers and Sisters SO.MUCH!
  9. Love my Cousins <3<3<3
  10. Both my boys care for me a lot!!
  11. I have a lovely niece that calls me Sara!
  12. I've been trying more healthy food!
  13. I have everything that I wish for!
  14. My friends are AMAZING even if we don't meet a lot!
  15. My Boss is the kind of person that will push you to be better!
  16. I've been reading a lot this year.
  17. I've been thinking outside the box!
  18. My biological watch finally agreed to let me get up early every morning!!
  19. I can see that I'm making a difference in both my personal life and my career.
  20. I'm sitting in front of the camera with my family <3
  21. My in-laws are really nice <3
  22. I'm a more focused person.
  23. My self confidence has boosted higher and higher.
  24. I have nice displays of my family's adventures on my walls!
  25. I'm controlling the clutter in my place.
  26. Most of my goals for this year has been accomplished!
  27. We're finally moving to our home!

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