June 20, 2013

Lifestyle Photography with Kids

Last two weeks were the craziest weeks in my entire life!

So much DRAMA!


So much ILLNESS :(

I missed blogging so much too, and I missed having so much time to play with my camera </3

I have been waiting for so long to take this workshop that I'm in the middle of right now; Lifestyle Photography with Kids and when I finally take it so many things happen in my life!

I was in Dubai for a week to attend a course in shopping center management, it was really great and comprehensive :D

My Housemaid decided she doesn't want to work and I have to be a superhero at work and home!

My boys were ill when we got back from dubai and I had an eye infection, two days later Ahmed bumped his nose and I got a really high fever.

Some Lifestyle photos of my little boys for my week 2 Homework :)

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