May 27, 2014

Ahmed is FIVE!

A couple of weeks ago my sweetest love Ahmed turned five. It was really exciting and emotional for me; amazingly the years flew fast and my baby is quickly growing into a gentleman - a naughty one! 

I celebrated my five years of motherhood by jamming my instagram feed with the photos following from the past five years, lots of them was too difficult to choose and I expressed my unlimited and unconditional love to him so honestly <3

He celebrated his birthday at school with his friends and a superhero cake that he allowed me to photograph before he went to school - this was my present as he no longer allows me to photograph him.

He keeps surprising me of how intelligent he is yet so caring about me and his loved ones. I always feel so bad to ground him when being naughty and he knows how to make a deal to get what he wants - negotiator!

We wrapped the day of me showing him his photos and all the lovely birthday wishes he got. I also explained to him how photographs record our beautiful memories - I hope that makes an impact!

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